Not sure what you are looking for? Contact us to discuss your dog and what you would like to do and we will advise you as to workshop, 1-2-1 or classes.

Puppy Classes: With only Four puppies to one Training Instructor these pups will have plenty of individual attention in class. All our puppy classes are offered follow on classes for as long as they need or want.

Adolescent Classes: Don't let those sweet faces fool you, they are all 'Divas!' But with some impulse control training during adolescence these little dogs are learning to work and play off lead but with owner control.

Handling Skills Class: Handling skills classes aim to develop your overall control both on and off lead, good fun they are a mix of obstacle, display and field work.


Fun agility classes: Although some of our clients have gone on to compete in agility shows, the emphasis is not on competition, just fun and suitable for most breeds.


Mouse Beau

1-2-1 Training: This is suitable for dogs that may have come via a rescue centre and have had little to no previous training. Or for those that just need some help in a specific area. We will help you to better understanding the behaviour of your dog, its drives and motivations and find the right class or 1-2-1 training programme for you.

Talking Dogs Rally: We were one of the first in Sussex to run rally classes, original from the USA, Rally is now a fast growing new sport with competitions now up and running. It is a sport designed for the companion dog from puppy to veteran.

This is currently under review

Kennel Club Good Citizen dog scheme - Bronze, Silver and Gold: Sandhills has listed status to run the good citizen classes and also to hold the assessments. We have a great record of achieving first time passes for our dogs and handlers. We accept adult dogs, rescue dogs and puppies and they can either do the scheme as a course of classes or as a short series of workshops.

Scent Work Classes: A firm favorite from tracking to scent discrimination, the most fun a dog and handler can have. Scent work is also available in two hour workshops for beginners and all day workshops for advanced.

Work Shops: Old dogs can learn and love new Tricks! We run various workshops from click and tricks to introduction to scent work, rally, agility and Good Citizen. Work shops are ideal for those that cannot make a regular class or just want to try something different.