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Sandhills Links and Resources for the Dog Owner

Good Links that every dog owner should know about. Just click on the highlighted link to go to the site.

The Kennel Club For all dog related stuff - from puppies to dog breeds, dog sports, dog clubs and training centres.

Dog Law Everything you need to know about the responsibilities of dog ownership, a very useful site.

Doggie Pubs Great site for really dog friendly pubs and also gives food and beer ratings.

Dog friendly Britain A large site with lots of dog info, events, places to stay, things to do with your dog etc.

Pals4Pets The professional pet care company from doggy daycare to dog walking, house sitting and more.

Benedict Farm Kennels really well run kennels with excellent and flexiable facilities.

Dog Star Daily Dr Ian Dunbar's site with lots of training and behaviour info and downloads.

Doggy DNA Ever wanted to know what are the dominant genes in your crossbreed? At last we can with a simple mouth swap test. Go to Tips page to see what Badger is.

British Agility Association Great site that really brings dogs health and well being to the fore for anyone interested in agility for fun or for competition.

Agilitynet If you interested in agility then this site will give you club details, events, competitions, equipment.

TD Rally Talking Dogs Rally website for rally trials, downloads on signs, info on rally

Honey's Real Dog Food This is a really good ethical company delivering raw food for dogs and also lots of lovely doggy treats, my three love the food.

Other good and ethical pet food companies: Lily's Kitchen - canned and dry food, Burns wet pouches and dry food

Dognition A new way of understanding our dogs through cognitive games.

Local rescue centres:


Kit Wilson Trust

Give a dog a home

Non Doggy links.

British Humanist Association We promote Humanism, a secular state, and equal treatment of everyone regardless of religion or belief.

Godmothers Part of the VSO aimed at putting Women on the political and social map to stop gender discrimination.

United Nations Association Local branches hold talks, social events, lobby and raise awareness of the role of the United Nations.

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