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(please note) Sorry are training classes are still full for 2015.

Sandhills Canine Training Centre Ltd
Sandhills Oast
White Horse Road

Bodle Street Green
East Sussex BN27 4QU

Company Registration No. 6747609

For further information regarding Training courses or for the Behaviour & Vet clinic Contact Julia Jarrold on 01435 830150 Mobile 07910 008300

If you know what you wish to do then go to the Enquiry Centre on the home page for the booking forms or email for advance on the right class or 1-2-1.




Please Note: It is the owner or handler of the dog responsibility to ensure their dog is on lead (except when asked to remove the lead by the trainer) and under their control at all times. We accept no responsibility for loss, injury or damage caused by poor supervision

S.C.T.C. Ltd. Sandhills Oast, White Horse Road, Bodle Street Green, East Sussex BN27 4QU
Tel: 01435 830150 E-mail Registered No. 6747609