Dr Birgit Ahlemeyer MRCVS

Birgit runs her own holistic vet clinic but holds a regular clinic at Sandhills in Owl Lodge. Ideal for dogs nervous of the more clinical vet consulting rooms; Birgit finds that giving acupuncture and massage in a more relaxing home style environment is easier on the dogs. Birgit is also working on cancer treatment for dogs using homeopathy. You can either contact Birgit direct on 01342 826104 E-mail birgitholisticvet@hotmail.co.uk Or contact us and we will make the appointment for you at Sandhills with Birgit.



Owl Lodge: Our behavioural & holistic vets clinic, also doubles up for smaller talks (around 20 people), larger talks are held in our outdoor heated building (picture coming soon).


























Dognition is an exciting new look at dog training. Just like us, our canine pals learn in different ways, not all of us are artists or scientists, we will all have areas that we find easier to learn than others; tapping into how dogs learn at a cognitive level will help us to understand them better and to develop their skills in a way that is kinder and more productive.


Dr Brian Hare The founder of Dognition argues; 'Dognition’s twelve science-based games help owners discover their dogs’ unique abilities.' For those of us working in the canine industry as training instructors and that are certified dognition evaluators (CDE), we can help you to either run the games or after you have received your dogs unique report, develop with you a training plan that is bespoke to you and your dog. This is no more expensive than training classes or 1-2-1 fees and at Sandhills we feel that this service allows us to understand not only your dog - but links in to a wider role; 'citizen science' as the results on your dog and others are entered into a world wide scientific study on breeds and crossbreeds. So by doing a Dognition evaluation we are all contributing to furthering our knowledge on dogs!


Julia is a CDE and will be holding a small workshop and talk on Dognition and its benefits in September, this will be by invite only and is free but a small optional donation to charity (as is the norm for all our talks) will be gratefully received. In the meantime if anyone is interested in learning more then visit the Dognition website (link page) and/or contact Julia as Sandhills clients past and present are eligible for a discount on the Dognition games and profile if ordered through us - more details on this coming soon.