About Sandhills CTC Ltd.

Sandhills is situated in the beautiful east sussex countryside.

We have 10 acres of training paddocks which are enclosed and of different sizes suitable for puppies through to scent work. Outside seating area with under cover refreshments, Toilets and two parking areas. A large indoor heated facility for winter training.

A Behavioural & Holistic Vetinary consulting room.

The aim with Sandhills was to run a training and behavioural centre in which we could offer many different types, size and style of classes along with having an integrated behavioural centre to offer on-going rehabilitation training.

Julia Jarrold BSc (Hons) GeoDip

Julia's interest in animal welfare and politics led to lobbying on Human and Animal issues. Passionate about dogs and experienced in training and living in a multi-dog household with a mix of dogs from whippet to mastiffs, puppy and rescue for more than thirty years - a hobby became a full time profession with a career change in 2007 into dog training and behaviour. Combining experience with academic studies at the Sussex Canine Centre and the Cambridge Institute of Dog Training and Behaviour. In 2008 Julia set up Sandhills Canine Training Centre Ltd which started with one class of four dogs and grew to seeing around 70 dogs a week. Julia is a Kennel Club Good Citizen Trainer for Puppy foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers USA and also a certified Dognition Evaluator. Julia is also proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild for force free training.


Julia enjoys working her three rescue dogs Mouse, Weasel & Badger her love is scent work and Mouse has been trained as a 'dog detective' his best find to date is locating a lost dog three days after it went missing.

Dr Birgit Ahlemeyer MRCVS

Birgit runs her own holistic vet clinic but holds a regular clinic at Sandhills. Ideal for dogs nervous of the more clinical vet consulting rooms; Birgit finds that giving acupuncture and massage in a more relaxing home style environment is easier on the dogs. Birgit is also working on cancer treatment for dogs using homeopathy. You can either contact Birgit direct on 01342 826104 E-mail birgitholisticvet@hotmail.co.uk Or contact us and we will make the appointment for you at Sandhills with Birgit.




Pauline Fuller BSc psychology

Pauline is currently working towards her training instructor and behaviourist accreditation. Working alongside of Julia they both share an interest in human and canine psychology and their aim is to develop the way that training classes are run so that both the human and the canine's needs are met on an individual basis within a class environment. Emphasis is placed on finding what motivates the dog, its personality and energy levels and then to incorporate this within a training program that the human family's lifestyle can accommodate. Pauline enjoys doing Rally with her own dog Bentley and in their first Rally trial was granted both ACE and Outstanding awards. Pauline also enjoys doing scent work with Bentley and both Bentley and Mouse enjoy nothing better than being asked to go to a wood and find 'somebody'.

Training Instructor & KC GCDS Judge

Linda Morley and Julia met whilst Julia was running Good Citizen classes at the Sussex Canine Centre. As two local training instructors Linda and Julia try and meet up regularly to discuss 'everything dogs.' Linda is also one of the KC judges for Sandhills for the Good Citizen assessments. Picture shows Linda at a Sandhills trainer evening where we take it in turns to 'take the class' an ideal opportunity for busy training instructors and behaviourists to work their own dogs.

Guest Trainer & TD Rally Judge

Angela and Julia first met when Angela contacted Julia to ask about this new sport Rally and came along to one of Julia's Rally classes. Angela went on to both compete in Rally with her own dogs and is now a Rally Judge for TD Rally. Angela is also a regular guest trainer at Sandhills, running both agility and rally classes. Angela has her own canine academy and puts on both Rally Trials, fun dog shows and agility shows.

Training the Trainers:

As a canine centre we occasional offer placements for those that wish to learn how to be a training instructor. Teresa originally came to Sandhills as a client with her two dogs; having already completed a certificate in canine psychology, Teresa was keen to learn more and was Julia's assistant for around one year. During this period Teresa was shown how to run classes in a variety of disciplines from Obstacle, Rally, Good Citizen and pre-agility foundation classes, given Sandhills clients Teresa then made the jump from assistant to running her own class. In 2012 Teresa left Sandhills to start her own training centre and to continue her studies


All of us at Sandhills believe that learning is and should be life long: We continue our professional development by attending courses, seminars and workshops in the latest scientific studies on living with dogs by regular conferences and lectures from some of the world most influential training instructors, behaviourists, ethnologists, biologists, psychologist and veterinarians working in the fields of animal behaviour. Julia has recently completed an Open University short course in Human Counselling. Some of the conferences and seminars attended:


Dognition CDE (20113). Woof!: A 3-day European canine conference (2013).
Tracklayers training workshop held at SATS (2012).
Talking Dogs scent workshop (2011).
Ian Dunbar's lectures on Puppies (2011).

‚ÄčIan Dunbar's lectures on Adolescent dogs (2011). John Rogerson Crime Scene Detection scent work (2011). John Rogerson course on dog to dog aggression and dog to human aggression (2010). Professor Ray Coppinger Lecture on Mexico City Dump Dogs (2010). Other courses Julia has completed: Canine body language, Canine aggression, Canine first aid, Dog handling skills