Announcement: It is time to make a change and after a year of reflection in 2015, I have decided to take a long Sabbatical from running Sandhills Canine Training & Behavioural Centre Ltd in order to concentrate more on campaign work and new things.

It has been such a privilege to run Sandhills and my ambition to open a fully integrated training and behavioural centre took off better than I could have ever expected. My grateful thanks to all the lovely clients and their dogs that have passed through Sandhills CTBC over the last 10 years. My own three wonderful rescue dogs have not only grown up within the centre but are now getting on in years and they also need a break and the chance to have more of me just for them.

This web site will stay up but I will not be answering any emails or dog training/behaviour related enquiries. If Sandhills does start up again with new trainers and a behaviorist, I will post it on the web site and on face book.

Julia, Mouse, Badger and Weasel thank you all.

Welcome to Sandhills Canine Training & Behavioural Centre.

Our Ethos
To promote greater understanding of how dogs think and learn.

Our training methods are force free and reward based. We use positive reinforcement of the behaviour we want.

We do not believe that dogs want to 'dominate us' and that we have to show the dog who is boss in order to train it.

We believe that training needs to incorporate an understanding of canine behaviour, our training is underpinned by scientific knowledge of animal learning theory and in particular how this relates to canines. Please go to the Behavioural and Clinic pages for more information on how we use science to understand how our dogs learn and to develop our training methods.

Our aim is to help owners to enjoy the training process with their dogs from puppy through to adult companion dogs, service or assistance dogs. We help you to understand the needs of your dog, its drives and motivations. Above all, we help you to see how successful training is based on; knowledge, play, understanding, consistent and kind leadership and love. Founder and Director of Sandhills CTC Ltd, Julia Jarrold is proud to be accepted as a full member of the Pet Professional Guild for force free training.

If you are thinking of buying a puppy or adopting an older dog then please contact us for advice. As trainers and behaviourists we are in a good position to see many types of breeds and crossbreeds; as such, we can offer help and advice on breed choice with regard to training and exercise requirements, sociability to people, other dogs/animals and health.

Canine Training at Sandhills Mouse, Weasel & Badger welcome you to Sandhills